Safe Halloween

  • 2013 Safe Halloween

    October 24th at 5:30pm on M.A.C 


    Safe Halloween is an annual event in which fraternity and sorority chapters host a 'street carnival' of Halloween activities for area children to enjoy. The purpose of Safe Halloween is to provide a safe alternative to trick-or-treating for the children of East Lansing's community. 

    M.A.C. and surrounding streets are closed off for the event, inviting children to enjoy haunted houses and festive games at each sorority house. In the streets, a DJ serenades the Greek community and trick-or-treaters alike as they can choose to bounce on the moonwalk or carouse the activities sponsored by chapter houses. Safe Halloween provides a means for chapters to participate together in a non-alcoholic philanthropy project, and to facilitate positive public perceptions of the Greek community.



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